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© 03.2016 Allplan GmbH, Munich, Germany © Projekt: SKY Tower Bietigheim-Bissingen; Architekt: KMB; Copyright Bildmaterial: Bietigheimer Wohnbau

SKY-Tower Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

The “SKY” residential and commercial building is one of the highest construction projects the town of Bietigheim-Bissingen has ever seen. The building will have 18 stories, and as a result, will soar above most of the buildings in the district capital on the Neckar and Enz rivers. Even the designers at the architecture office responsible, KMB in Ludwigsburg, were somewhat surprised that this huge building project, which at 67 meters high does justice to its name, has actually come about.

© ALLPLAN GmbH, Munich, Germany | Fotos: Ing. Vaclav Toman | Projekt: Projec Aviatica, Prague-CZ

Office buillding Aviatica Prag, Czech Republic

The former factory premises of aircraft engine manufacturer Waltrovka / Walter Engines is located in the district of Jinonice, in the fifth administrative department of Prague. Investment management group Penta Investments is planning to build a new city quarter with three office complexes (Aviatica, Dynamica and Mechanica) and various residential complexes on this 169,000 m² site in the coming years

© Fotos: sbb und AlpTransit Gotthard AG

Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland

The scheduled commissioning on December 11, 2016, marked the end of the project of the century – the Gotthard Base Tunnel – after nearly 20 years of building time. Its route length of 57 kilometers through the Saint-Gotthard Massif between Erstfeld and Bodio makes the Gotthard Base Tunnel the longest rail tunnel in the world. The entire base tunnel, including cross-passages and multifunction stations, is double-walled. After the excavation support, a seal and an insituconcrete tunnel lining were installed. In the Erstfeld and Amsteg sections, the contractor used three formwork units, each with two 10-meterlong formwork carriages, for the cladding and tunnel lining...

© ALLPLAN GmbH, Munich, Germany | Foto: Thomas Herrmann Photography | Projekt: Festhalle Neckartailfingen

Festhalle Neckartailfingen, Germany

The idyllic surroundings and riverside setting played a crucial role in the design of the new festival hall in Neckartailfingen.A defining element of this building is the roof construction, architecturally reflecting the interwining branches of the nearby tree-lined Neckarallee. In addition to the roof, the extensive use of glass in the hall and foyer is another important design feature. They offer visitors an uninterrupted view of the natural surroundings.

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Federal ministry of finance, Berlin

Every German citizen is familiar with the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) and yet probably no other government authority has recently been subject of more public interest than the BMF. But the place that deals with the national budgets, issues relating. Statement from Knut Klinkhammer, Head of the Building Management, Federal Ministry of Finance, Berlin: " [...] The new system based on Allplan Allfa is very powerful, but also extremely stable. It also digitally maps the entire process for the request, capture, management and locking of an ID card in a gap-free log."


The Queensferry Crossing, Edinburgh in Scotland

The Queensferry Crossing near Edinburgh in Scotland is a cablestayed bridge with three pylons over 200 m in height. It is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe and benefitted from ultramodern reinforcement planning in 3D thanks to the engineers from Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner (LAP) and Allplan Engineering. Transport Scotland’s consultants from the Jacobs Arup joint venture were not given an easy task in developing a concept for the new bridge. The bridge has to be an equal counterpart to the world cultural heritage of the "Forth Bridge."...