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Planbar is ALLPLAN’s unique solution for precast detailing enabling you to generate production data you and your customers can rely on.

  • Suitable for structural precast elements, walls and slabs
  • Automated creation of shop drawings
  • Design in 2D or 3D as you wish




Planbar is a 3D CAD solution specifically designed to take precast design and detailing to a new level of efficiency and precision. Design walls, slabs and structural precast elements such as stairs faster and more accurately than ever before. Handle a heavier workload thanks to numerous automation features such as 1-click reinforcement, import of architectural models and fixtures, fully automated creation of shop drawings, and arbitrary switching between 2D and 3D working methods with 100% consistency every second.


You are a precast manufacturer?

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Advantages of Planbar at a glance

Precise design and detailing

Planbar allows you to efficiently model all types of precast elements – from walls and slabs to structural precast elements such as stairs or columns.

Create shop drawings automatically

Create shop drawings including reinforcement, fixtures and dimensions with just one click. Benefit from intelligent templates. For each precast element type, you automatically receive your customized plan layout.

Save time with 1-click reinforcement

For all types of walls and slabs, Planbar creates the basic reinforcement for you fully automatically. This time-saving function is included in the Slabs, Walls and Assets packages.

Flexible planning in 2D and 3D

Planbar enables model-oriented AND plan-oriented working! Our unique Elementplan-Technology gives you the best of both worlds: the clarity of the 3D model and the simplicity of the 2D plan. Technically, shop drawings are views of the model, so shop drawings and model are 100% consistent every second.


From parametric input to free modeling

Planbar offers you the right tools for every requirement: ‘mass customized’ stairs or columns are best created highly efficiently by parametric input. You model unique structural precast elements completely freely and thus benefit from unlimited flexibility.

Import BIM models

Planbar is designed for efficiency: With our assistants, you can easily import architectural models and MEP objects and use them for precast design.

High efficiency for projects 

The BIM-Booster add-on module is designed specifically for large projects. Reduce lead time by allowing your planners to work in parallel on the same project. Increase productivity when handling identical and similar elements with the help of intelligent links and automated processes.

Teamwork with openBIM

Collaborate easily with colleagues and partners across systems. Planbar offers you open standards (openBIM), state-of-the-art interface formats such as IFC4precast and a direct connection to Bimplus.

Implement changes quickly error-free

Thanks to the Elementplan-Technology, it is sufficient to make the necessary changes either in the model OR in the plan. Planbar ensures that the model and all shop drawings are consistent every second.


The best data for your machines

Rely on absolute precision in generating production data including reinforcement. Optionally, our work preparation solution Tim supports you with the Tim Quality-Manager in controlling all quality and safety aspects relevant to you – as per option with a mobile app.

Save time with favorites and templates

Define your own favorites for different projects or clients and save valuable time. This ensures that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel and that you always reflect the specifications and wishes of your clients.

Planbar is intuitive to use

Anyone who is proficient in 3D CAD software will quickly find their way around Planbar. Planbar offers you logical workflows, a tidy user interface and the user experience familiar from Allplan. In addition, you can customize Planbar to your own way of working, your workflows, quality rules, favorites and precast catalogs.

Planbar packages – suitable for your needs

Are you designing only precast walls? Or only precast stairs? Or walls, slabs and structural precast elements? Wherever your work focuses:

we have the right Planbar Packages for you.

For general requirements:
Essentials Package

With the Essentials Package, you can create any precast element easily and efficiently – slabs, walls, and structural precast parts like stairs: the Essential Package combines the speed of plan-oriented work with the quality and clarity of 3D. The transfer of architectural components, 3D elements or PythonParts guarantees the greatest possible flexibility. Create shop drawings at the push of a button and save time with many smart features.

For automated slab design:
Slabs Package

In addition to the Essentials functionality, the Slabs Package allows you to benefit from automated detailing workflows for slabs. Create inclined planes, ramps or balconies from a simple 2D polygon. The design and detailing range includes assembly parts such as lifting anchors or automatic base reinforcement. The Slabs Package also divides the building into precast slabs for production automatically, based on your manufacturing capabilities. 

For automated wall planning:
Walls Package

The Walls Package offers you all Essentials functionalities and additionally automated detailing workflows for all wall types. Modify elements as well as objects in the properties palette by selecting the wall and editing the properties directly in the dialog box. Planbar creates the basic reinforcement and calculates fixtures such as lifting anchors for you with one click. Also, based on your manufacturing capabilities, Planbar automatically divides the building into precast walls for production. 

The all-in package:
Assets Package

The Assets Package is the sum of all packages and therefore our solution for efficient, intelligent and automated detailing of all precast element types. Switch easily and at any time between the Essentials, Walls and Slabs applications. Add all precast elements together in one project and navigate through the model to check connections and reinforcement. 

Additional products and add-ons for Planbar


Workgroup-Manager creates significant synergy in medium and large design and construction offices. This additional option ensures that you can centrally manage your project data and users with their access options. The entire network-wide data access is also transparent thanks to the Workgroup-Manager.


With MES-Connect, you create a direct link between Planbar and your production systems. Avoid time-consuming manual steps and the risk of expensive mix-ups or transmission errors. Compatible formats: ULB (Unitechnik), PXML (Progress), BVBS and IFC.


With ERP-Connect you enable your commercial system to communicate directly with Planbar and Tim. You can synchronize project-related data such as master data, delivery dates or billing data effortlessly and without errors. Compatible formats: ADS-XML, PXML-Delegate or KST.

Mesh Welding Systems (MWS)

Our MWS solution enables cost-saving just-in-time production of reinforcement. In Planbar, you can easily set the capabilities and limits of your mesh welding system via parameters. Planbar automatically takes these specifications into account when creating the reinforcement. The result is error-free and efficient production of your reinforcement.


Make life easier not only for your designers, but also for your sales colleagues: Planbar’s Sales-Manager enables the creation of impressive 3D models and quantity calculations without any CAD knowledge at all. With Sales-Manager, you can massively speed up and improve your quotation processes.


Formbau automatically creates 3D formwork models for complex concrete structures. The tool derives the formwork directly from Planbar, helping you to save valuable time. At the push of a button, you receive position plans, parts lists, substructures, exploded views and data for the milling machine. You can conveniently edit details such as joints and miter cuts at any time.



In addition to CAD software, precast factories also need solutions for all processes downstream of CAD planning – from stacking to invoicing. With Tim|work, ALLPLAN offers you vivid work preparation in 3D, direct access to all project information and sophisticated quality assurance. Are you aiming for full digitalization and thus the highest possible productivity? Tim|flow automates and accelerates the information flows between ERP, CAD, MES and BIM systems. With the help of the mobile app, you have your data always and everywhere at hand. In addition to our software solutions, we offer you a comprehensive service portfolio. If you wish, our experienced customer excellence experts will accompany you in the digitization of your precast processes.

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